Storefront Ten Eyck

February, 2015
Elise Siegel at Storefront Ten Eyck
essay by Daniel Wiener
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Village Voice

I am what is around me

May, 2007
Elise Siegel at Nancy Margolis
Robert Schuster
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Art in America, 2005

March, 2005
Elise Siegel at Garth Clark
Nancy Princenthal
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Clay in Art International

by Adam Welch
Clay in Art International, 2005-2006
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Art in America, 2001

March, 2001
Elise Siegel at Jane Hartsook
Robert Taplin
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Into the room of dream/dread, I abrupt awake clapping

Jane Hartsook Gallery, 2001
Brochure essay by Nancy Princenthal
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Second Skin

Halsey Gallery, College of Charleston, South Carolina, 1993
Brochure essay by Nina Felshin
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