Elise Siegel Santa Fe, New Mexico

November 1, 2019

Sculpture Magazine

by Ann Lanidi

“Walking into a show of Elise Siegel’s ceramic “portrait” busts can be an unsettling and awkward experience.”

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Elise Siegel Studio Visit

October 3, 2019
Romanov Grave
by Fintan Boyle and Jennie Nichols

“In Elise Siegel’s studio there is an atmosphere of not quite the present, perhaps even not quite this place”

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Elise Siegel and Her Inscrutable Heads

January 19, 2019
Stephen Maine
“Siegel’s sculptures recall the great screen actors whose faces projected profound and precise shifts of feeling.”

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The Penetrating Gaze of Portrait Busts

January 17, 2019
by Nina Felshin
“While Elise Siegel’s sculptures take the form of traditional portrait busts, they are anything but.”

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Immediate, physical, emotional: Studio visit with Elise Siegel

January 6, 2019
Two Coats of Paint
Contributed by Leslie Wayne

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Almost Human

December 5, 2018
Less Than Half
“Face to Face” with Elise Siegel

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Storefront Ten Eyck

February, 2015
Elise Siegel at Storefront Ten Eyck
essay by Daniel Wiener

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Village Voice

I am what is around me

May, 2007
Elise Siegel at Nancy Margolis
Robert Schuster

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Art in America, 2005

March, 2005
Elise Siegel at Garth Clark
Nancy Princenthal

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Clay in Art International

by Adam Welch
Clay in Art International, 2005-2006

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